Aegis Island Rift

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Where the [Defend the Seal] Quests take place
Where the [Defend the Seal] Quests take place

Aegis Island Rift, also known as The "Defend the seal" event, "Aegis Island" and "Aegis" is the event which can be completed when Aegis island goes into "war".

The event[edit | edit source]

The event start with in the Crimson Watch Camp of Aegis Island, where you get the quests:

  • Defend the Seal 1 - Kill Ghouls x/20
  • Defend the Seal 2 - Kill Kyrios Gladiators or Kyrios Fanatics x/20
  • Defend the Seal 3 - Kill Kyrios Executioners x/15
  • Kill the Final Sealbreaker

There are 3 bosses equal in appearance but bigger and stronger in this event that will spawn mobs which are used to finish the [Defend the seal] quests.

  1. Sealbreaker - which spawns mobs to finish [Defend the Seal 1]
  2. Deadly Sealbreaker - which spawns mobs to finish [Defend the Seal 1] and [Defend the Seal 2]
  3. Final Sealbreaker - which spawns mobs to finish [Defend the Seal 1], [Defend the Seal 2] and [Defend the Seal 3]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Every so often the NPCs [Seal Guardian] and [Seal Mage] also known collectively as only [Seal guardians] will spawn around the center of Aegis island and go to each lodestones in order to kill the bosses in there.

example of Nuian Guardian Spirit
example of Nuian Guardian Spirit

The raids doing this rift can choose to control these NPCs with the skills obtained from the immobile NPCs called [Guardian Spirits] also known as 'Statues' when they raise their swords in the air. There are 8 around each lodestone, being 2 in the path to each lodestone from the center of the island.

Skills obtained from Guardian Spirits

  1. Attack Order. Commands Seal guardian in a 100m range to attack enemies. (Default key: R)
  2. Life Absorption: Pulls Seal guardians into the caster's direction, dealing slight damage, and letting the guardian restore HP based on enemies nearby for 10 sec. Caution: Cannot affect targets that are absorbing HP or using Flamethrower. (Default key: T)
  3. Flamethrower. Send fire the direction the Seal guardian is facing, inflicting 100k Damage and increasing aggro. Caution: Cannot affect targets that are absorbing HP or using Flamethrower. (Default key: Y)

The bosses summon spit poison in the general direction they are facing, and sometimes make a big pool of poison,

The NPC [Seal Mage], will clear this poison of players close to them every so often. So, if you have the bosses poison, do not use mirrorlight or purge, just pass by a Seal mage and it should be cleared when it cast 'cleanse poison'.

The boss will despawn at when aegis get to "At war: 55 minutes left"

How to succeed.[edit | edit source]

The boss Final SealBreaker has a buff that decreases incoming melee and siege damage by 95% and magic and ranged damage by 90% at all times, and which do not affect Seal guardians, Thus, players attacking the boss will do pitiful damage.

It is more efficient to just control the Seal Guardians.

The raid must focus in the following tasks in decreasing order of importance:

  1. Keep the Boss attacking a Seal Guardian instead of a players by using 'Flamethrower' when targeting this guardian. (to avoid the boss targeting players and killing those with lower gearscore and healers)
  2. Keep the Seal guardian targetted by boss alive by using 'Life Absorption' when targeting this guardian. (to avoid having no guardian alive and thus leading to the boss wiping the raid)
  3. Make sure all Seal guardians are attacking the boss by using 'Attack Order' while targeting the boss (to make the DPS faster).
  4. Killing the mobs to avoid the Seal guardians being overwhelmed by the mobs. (See step 2)

Players should avoid attacking the boss and directly healing the guardians if the raid does not have enough numbers.

It is advised the raid to use food items to diminish the damage and give the healers some help.

By this method takes around 25 min to finish the boss, it is slower, but you can finish all quests with less people. (one in each guardian spirit, plus some to kill mobs and heal).

Do not, I repeat, do not keep pressing R ('Attack Order') again and again, once the NPCs are on the boss, there is no point to it.