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Overview[edit | edit source]

ArcheAge has five types of arenas: Sparring Arena (1v1 Balanced Arena), Skirmish Arena (3v3 Balanced Arena), Drill Camp Arena, Gladiator Arena (1v1 Unbalanced Arena) and the Free-for-All Arena. Killing and assisting in killing enemies in arenas grants Honor points. At the end of the match you will be granted bonus honor points based on your performance.

Drill Camp Arena[edit | edit source]

The Drill Camp Arena is unlocked once your character reaches level 40. It is a 5 versus 5 base system. Each team has a base with a nexus and 2 turrets. Victory conditions: Destroy the enemy nexus or have the most kills when the time expires. The time limit is 15 minutes.

Gladiator Arena[edit | edit source]

The Gladiator Arena is unlocked once your character reaches level 50. It is a 1 versus 1 death match. Victory condition: Gain 220 honor points. Lose condition: Gain 90 honor points.

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