Auroran Sythesis Shard

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The Auroran Synthesis Shard is a shard that can be found on Auroria by farming mobs, It is used to upgrade the Epherium cloaks that can be purchased With prestige (it has not been tested on other cloaks). They are used to give each cloak additional stats and to rank them up to the next tier, unlike regrading they don't have a chance to fail. 2 Shards must be used at one time.

The only confirmed monsters that drops it is in diamond shores and are called a Diamond Shores Draugorc, Diamond Shores Turtles and Diamond Shores Crab, With Draugorc with the highest drop rate.

Each Shard gives you XP towards towards making your cloak a better tier Each shard gives Xp as follows:

  • Basic: 50XP
  • Grand: 75XP
  • Rare: 112XP
  • Arcane: 168XP
  • Heroic: 225XP
  • Unique: 378XP

The rest are still unkown