Basic Fishing Rod

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Basic Fishing Rod Desc.png

The first fishing rod you"ll need to start fishing!

Crafted from;

10 Bamboo Stalk

1 Sharp Fishing Hook (1 iron ingot)

1 Basic Fishing Line (3 Cotton and 3 Wool)

1 Sturdy Steel Reel (2 Lumber 2 Iron ingot)

Total; 10 Bamboo Stalk / 3 Cotton / 3 Wool / 2 Lumber

Also received from an achievement when you craft your first rowboat (10 lumber)

Basic Fishing Rod Craft.png

From there, you can go two Paths, Flexible or Sturdy

Flexible makes that you cast fishes more often, but deals less damage in sport fishing.

Sturdy makes that you cast fishes less often, but deals more damage in sport fishing.

But fear not! at 150k fishing, you can combine two tier 4 fishing rods to make the Ultimate Fishing rod. Wich is both fast and strong!

Novice's Flexible Fishing Rod Icon.png Novice's Flexible Fishing Rod Fast T1 Fishing Rod
Novice's Sturdy Fishing Rod Icon.png Novice's Sturdy Fishing Rod Strong T1 Fishing Rod