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Overview[edit | edit source]

Battle Pets are pets with offensive and/or defensive abilities that may assist a player in battle. Battle Pets have three armor slots. Helm (shared with Mounts, Battle Pet Armor (chest), Leggings (shared with Mountss. There are rumors of a Battle Pet in Greater Howling Abyss

Capturable Battle Pets are captured with Taming Net crafted from Leatherwork.

  • Mythic Taming Net captures:
    • Daruda the Watcher (Cinderstone Moor)
    • Tarian the Grim (Dewstone Plains)
    • Harrod the Gatekeeper (Villanelle)
    • Flamelord (Solis Headlands).
  • Legendary Taming Net captures:
    • Windlord (Arcum Iris, Lylut Hills)
    • Farkrag the Wanderer (Gwenoid Forest, Falcorth Plains).

Battle Pets[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Location Attack Abilities (mouse-over)
New Wolfhound Icon.jpg Wolfhound 10 Silver or free from Nuia faction quest Marianople Melee Scratch Lv.20- Strengthens pet's scratch to deal 192 Physical Damage. Health Regen Lv.25- Restores +601 of pet's health. Berserk Lv.30- Increases pet's Attack Speed +100% for 12sec. Overrun Lv.35- Hastens caster's run so they can dash into enemies and deal 128 Physical Damage with a chance to Trip for 2sec.. Guard Dog Lv.40- Taunts an enemy by maxing pet's Aggro, forcing enemies to attack it.
Catpet.png Sabrefang 10 Silver or free from Haranya faction quest Villanelle Melee
Black Sabrefang Icon.jpg Black Sabrefang 5 GildaStar1.png or free from Blue Salt Brotherhood quest Mirage Island Melee Cat Steps Lv.25- Increases Move Speed +30% for 1m when carrying a trade pack or +5% when not carrying a trade pack.
Artickitsu.png Arctic Kitsune Reward for Achieving Level 15 in Alpha Or limited edition Snowbound House-warming gift Melee
Artickitsu.png Stone Golem Caught by defeating Farkrag the Wanderer Melee
Artickitsu.png Samurai Golem unknown Melee Strong Blow Lv.15- A strong physical attack Welling Health Lv.15- Continuously restores the pets health over 10 sec..