Berserk Red Dragon Wing-Reaper

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Icon item 1412.pngItem grade 1common.png
Berserk Red Dragon Wing-Reaper

Binds on Equip

Required Level: 50

Rumors say this nodachi is so sharp, it can amputate a dragon's wing with a single slash.


Smashes open a fault line to deal (605–682 + 250% Melee Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within 3m, briefly throwing them into the air and decreasing their Move Speed -30% for 3s. Cooldown: 45 seconds

Slot: 2-H Gear
DPS: 426.1 (767 - 937)

Strength: 62

Stamina: 31

Buy Price: Gold 8 Silver 20 Copper

Shop Value: 25 Silver 41 Copper

Max. Stack Size: 1