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Overview[edit | edit source]

This bestiary is a compendium of beasts that you can encounter in ArcheAge.

World Bosses[edit | edit source]

World Boss Location Level HP Attitude Abilities Respawn Tips
Anthalon Sungold Fields 50 3.670.000 Aggressive Crippling Mire, Shadow Dirt, Necromantic Flame, Absorb Mind Anthalon is the world boss that spawns after the Crimson Rift in Sungold Fields, Auroria. He is one of the world bosses that you have to kill for the Dream Ring questline.
Calamitous Vyrava Heedmar 50 2.030.000 Aggressive - Collect 100 Timespace Scroll Scraps & click on the stack in your inventory. It will give you a quest that requires you to talk to an NPC in Nuimari. After that, go to Heedmar and summon the boss. You will need to group up and do wings rotation to defeat this boss.
Captain Rangora Freedich Island 50 2.030.000 Passive Meteor Strike, Rangora's Telekinesis, Lasso, Debuff 12h Keep an eye on the boss's cast bar!

When he starts to cast Meteor Strike, player 1 should use Protective Wings. All players should be within 5m of one another.

Dahuta's Champion Nazar Sunspeck Sea 50 918.129 Aggressive 4h
Hanure the Hunter Hasla 50 918.029 Aggressive Heavenly Smash 12h
Hound of Kyrios Ynystere and Cinderstone Moor 50 918.129 Aggressive After every Crimson Rift event Hounds of Kyrios are two world bosses that appear after the Crimson Rift. The hounds have a very big aggro range and shoots hand cannons while ranged. Every time they shoot the hand cannon, they become immune for 1 second and they continuously shoot. To defeat them, you have to be in melee range and stack behind the boss.
Abyssal Kraken Abyssal Event at Sea of Graves 55 2.030.00 Aggressive Every Abyssal Attack
Meina & Glenn Sungold Fields 50 Meina 2.754.087



Aggressive 6 A.M. until 12 A.M in game time
Morpheus the Forsaken Growlgate Isle 50 1.836.057 Aggressive 8h
Prince Riesig the Accursed Arcadian Sea Aggressive
Zaldrane the Enchantress Hellswamp 50 Aggressive found in the mountains between sanddeep and hellswamp
Windlord Lilyut Hills and Arcum Iris
Farkrag the Wanderer Gweonid Forest and Falcorth Plains
Tarian the Grim Dewstone Planes
Daruda the Watcher Cinderstone Moor Aggressive
Gatekeeper Harrod Villanelle
Flamelord Solis Headlands
Red Dragon Karkasse Ridgelands 50 10.000.000 Aggressive 72h
Jola the Cursed Exeloch 52 2.030.000 Aggressive 6 A.M. until 12 A.M in game time

Monster List[edit | edit source]

Name Type Level Region Coordinates Notes
Kraken Hero Boss 50 Arcadian Sea - Usually spawns south of Stormraw Sound.
Morpheus Hero Boss 50 Growlgate Isle - -
Rangora Hero Boss 50 Arcadian Sea / Freedich Isle - -
Farkrag the Wanderer Ancient Boss 30 Gwenoid Forest / Falcorth Plains - -
Windlord Ancient Boss 30 Falcorth Plains / Rookborne Basin - -
Tarian The Grim Ancient Boss 30 Dewstone Plains - -
Treant Ramun Ancient Boss 30 Dewstone Plains / Mahadevi - -
Flamelord Ancient Boss 30 / Solis Headlands - -
Gatekeeper Harrod Ancient Boss 30 Villanelle - -
Nightmare of Black Forest Ancient Boss 30 / Silent Forest - -
Morpheus Automatic Cannon Ancient Boss 50 / Growlgate Isle - -
Morpheus Automatic Canvas Ancient Boss 50 / Growlgate Isle - -
Red Armor - Akahun Rare Boss 10 / Solzreed Peninsula - -
Reaper Rare Boss 10 / Solzreed Peninsula - -
Energy of Gweonid Forest Rare Boss 10 / Gweonid Forest - -
Belucci - The Tahuta Slave Rare Boss 10 / Gweonid Forest - -
Emilio's Masterpiece Rare Boss 20 / White Forest - -
Prince - Hell Hook Rare Boss 10 / Rookborne Basin - -
Selenium of Piercing Wind Rare Boss 10 / Marianople - -
Jarmusch - The Skeletons Lord Rare Boss 10 / Falcorth Plains - -
Aroma - the Leader of the Snake Eyes Tribe Rare Boss 10 / Arcum Iris - -
Charon - the Desert Oppressor Rare Boss 10 / Arcum Iris - -
Yataman Rare Boss 20 / Tigerspine Mountains - -
Singing Pippi Shun Rare Boss 30 / Villanelle - -
Pilliri - the leader of the Red Flute Tribe Rare Boss 30 / Villanelle - -
Arak - the Spider-Man Rare Boss 30 / Silent Forest - -
Zamurat Rare Boss 30 / Silent Forest - -