Betting the House

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ID: 4880
Icon quest common.pngBetting the House


  • XP 740
  • Coins Bronze.png89

Start NPC: Visanas
Quest stages:
Relay Visanas's message to Miloru at Sanctia Oasis.

End NPC: Miloru

Quest text:
Visanas: What could've possibly gone wrong? ...Right, I must have blinked when you were pulling the lever! Try it again, I'll make sure I keep my eyes open this time!
Owner Nandita: Visanas, do you even have money to bet with? Haven't you already spent every penny?
Visanas: True. Okay. Player, go to Miloru and bring back the deed for my house. Last I was there, I saw a black cat, and I don't want to be contaminated with its bad luck!
Miloru: What house deed? That man has nothing lefts in the warehouse! He cleaned it out long ago to pays his gambling debts. What a fool to thinks black cats are bad luck. The only bad lucky-luck around here is that man!