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The Blue Salt Brotherhood is an organization of craftsmen, merchants, and traders that work together to encourage commerce between the various towns, kingdoms, and continents.

Has its headquarter in Solisa.

Blue Salt Brotherhood Dailies[edit | edit source]

There are several types:

  • crafting/gathering ones available at Community Centers that reward you with Blue Salt Bonds which can be traded in at the Heroes Hall of each nations capital for Delphinad gear.
  • combat ones available at either Community Centers (hostile zones) or signposts (peaceful zones), they cost 1 gold, the first completed each day gives prestige plus 10 guild experience, each additional one gives prestige plus a Gilda Star:
    • Airain Rock Signpost: Millenium Village - Hostile Wildlife
    • Dewstone Signpost: Excavation Site - Boulder Brawl
    • Golden Ruins Signposts: North East of Housing - All that Glitters is Gold, Stop and Kill the Flowers
    • Gweonid Signposts: Sylvan Devi - Nettling Nymphs, Woods of the Forgotten - Elemental Guardians, Thorntimber Woods - The Forest of Pain
    • Halcyona CC: Defeat the Golden Tribe, Cockatrice Killer
    • Hasla CC: Ruining the Farm, Contaminated Field, Strange Creatures in the Field, A Husband's Plea, Travel Obstructions, No Scrumping
    • Hellswamp CC: Doomed Souls, The Mandragora Menace, Spider Infestation
    • Lilyut Signpost: Lilyut hills on road to Riverspan - Beast Hunter
    • Marianople Signpost: Plantation - Protect Our Farm
    • Perinoor CC: Beware Aggressive Yaksa
    • Rookborne CC: Repel the Rebels, Breaking the Rocks
    • Sanddeep CC: The Fable Hill Goblins, Tidal Warriors
    • Solis Headlands Signpost: Traveler's Spring down by the hot pools
    • Solzreed Signposts: Moonswept Bay - Beachfront Beasts, Beach between Blackreath and Bluemist - Dead Tide, Bluemist Forest - Beware the Guardians, Road between Bluemist and Desireen - Brown Bears in Bluemist
    • Nuian Starting Zone - Fox Infestation
    • Two Crowns Signposts: corner of Ezna and Halcyona Roads - Wanted: Expert Hunter, Painted Fields by the pond - Bounty: Escaped Lions
    • White Arden Signpost: Crossroads - The Blackmane Menace
    • Windscour CC: Out of their Shells, Intruders at the Oasis, Vipers Not Allowed, The Merchant's Deal, Large, Sharp + Pointy
    • Ynystere CC: A Headless Threat

Blue Salt Brotherhood Trade Introduction[edit | edit source]

After you receive your scarecrow garden (Halcyona quests, see below) you can do the trade quests. It starts at level 30 in the Heroes Hall of each nation's capital (Austera vs. Marianople) at the Blue Salt Brotherhood Trading Guide. This quest requires you to go to a community center of your continent where you receive a donkey and the quest to make and deliver and trade pack. If you are level 50 or above the quest line then goes further to give a Scarecrow Farm (16x16).

Blue Salt Brotherhood Membership[edit | edit source]

The quest chain starts at level 30 in Solisa:

Halcyona Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Missing Messenger
  • Judar's Betrayal
  • Infiltrating the Brotherhood
  • The Merchant's Way
  • Rice Seed Delivery
  • Guarding the Fields
  • Wheat for the Brewery
  • Processing Ingredients
  • Beer for Sun's End
  • Tonics and Tinctures
  • Fearless Flowers
  • Halcyona Pest Control
  • Earning Your Garden

Rewards: 8x8 scarecrow garden, mushroom x100, lumber x1, tax certificates x 15

Hellswamp Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Sent to the Swamp
  • Anarchi's Alchemist
  • A Prickly Cure
  • Thistle Do The Trick
  • Crafting Potions
  • Urgent Care
  • Back to the Grindstone
  • Crafting Hushed Star
  • Helping Haven
  • A Camp in Need
  • Making Mana Potions
  • The Trieste Alchemist
  • Crafting Afternoon Sun
  • A Little Improv
  • Sanddeep Lessons

Sanddeep Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Crafting Midsummer Meteor
  • Learning About Vocation Badges
  • Impressing the Patrons
  • Building Business
  • Crafting Desert Fire
  • High Quality Merchandise
  • A Promising Future
  • The Eastern Branch

Rookborne Basin Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Crafting Solar Glow
  • A Fine Pairing
  • The Eastern Curriculum
  • The Missing Screw
  • The Proper Tools (may require 100 iron ingots)
  • The Windscour Wainwright

Windscour Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Greasing the Wheels
  • The Proper Polish
  • Put These Skills to Use
  • Hota's Strong Wheel
  • A Guild Reward

Perinoor Quests[edit | edit source]

Reward: farm cart, cottage design and building materials

Hasla Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Lumber Exchange (requires you to buy 5 cedar saplings)
  • A Bed of Your Own
  • A Badge of Honor
  • A Missing Apprentice

Reward: Hardwood bed, alchemy table, crest wall decor

Karkasse Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Judar's Confession
  • A Valuable Hostage
  • Lavis in the Air
  • Recovering the Chalice
  • A Final Test (may require a farm wagon design)
  • Testing the Waters
  • Calling the Thunder
  • Farm Cart Upgrade (may require 4 strong wheels and 1000 labor)
  • Returning Elistine's Memory

Reward: Farm Wagon

Rewards: Blue Salt Brotherhood Title, Set of dawnsdrop gear, book Judar's Letter, Talisman Blue Salt Manual