Blue Salt Representative Merchants

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Vendor Locations -
West: Western Brance President Asha in Windshade at the back of their farm.
East: Eastern Representative Hilal in Anvilton in front of the public farm.

Item name Price
Shatigon's Blessing 20 Vocation Badge
Livestock Supplement 25 Vocation Badge
Chopped Squid 700 Vocation Badge
Chopped Sardines 1,500 Vocation Badge
Chopped Mackerel 3,200 Vocation Badge
Apprentice's Certificate 10,000 Vocation Badge
Organic Fertilizer Vocation Badge
Chum 600 Vocation Badge
Chopped Roosterfish 1,700 Vocation Badge
Chopped Pike 2,400 Vocation Badge
Yellow Lure 20 Vocation Badge
Artificer's Certificate 20,000 Vocation Badge
Artisan's Certificate 30,000 Vocation Badge
Green Lure 80 Vocation Badge
Red Lure 200 Vocation Badge
Timber Coupe Design 150,000 Vocation Badge
Farming Boost Scroll 120 Vocation Badge
Gathering Boost Scroll 120 Vocation Badge
Basic Pack Blueprint 250 Vocation Badge
Blue Lure 140 Vocation Badge
Intermediate Pack Blueprint 500 Vocation Badge
Husbandry Boost Scroll 120 Vocation Badge
Logging Boost Scroll 120 Vocation Badge
Mining Boost Scroll 120 Vocation Badge