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Within the Husbandry vocation, one can breed animals to hopefully produce cubs and calves.

The animals that can currently be bred are Yatas and Blizzard Bears.

To breed an animal, a plot of Yatas or Blizzard Bears must have at least one male. Females must be in the Thriving State in order to be ready to breed. Males are usually fed and sheared repeatedly to make them a "stud". When a male becomes a "stud", you can encourage him to mate with the nearby Yatas/Blizzard Bears. It will then take several hours to see if any of the Yatas or Bears become pregnant. Once a male has been encouraged, it will go back to it's normal state.

If a female Yata or Blizzard Bear is pregnant, you can deliver its baby by using your labor points.

For Yatas, the possible offspring are:

For Blizzard Bears, they will have Polaris Cubs. They can grow up into a mount or battle pet (it is chosen at random).

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