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Cargo packs are a special kind of trade packs. There are different kinds of Cargo Packs.

Regular Cargo Packs (Tier 1)[edit | edit source]

Bought from Cargo Pack Seller. Used to donate to the unfinished statue of Queen Amarendra IV in Austera for Queen's Glory.

Oversea Cargo Packs (Tier 2)[edit | edit source]

To create Oversea Cargo Packs you need to bring a Specialty Buyer of the same CONTINENT but a different ZONE:

It does not matter who brings those, just that the Specialty Buyer has them all together. The price you obtain for each of the packs depends on how many are already at that Specialty Buyer, which pack it was (aged ones are the most valuable). The person who

  • brings the last missing of the 14/8/4 set
  • is at least level 30
  • has a Cargo Certificate (300 Vocation Badges at the Vocation Badge Shop)

gets the option to buy 2 Oversea Cargo Packs from the Cargo Seller for gold (price depends on demand). Once you obtain Oversea Cargo Packs you are at a timer to bring them to a Trade Outlet at the OTHER continent or Herren at Freedich. The latter will give you Dragon Essence Stabilizers.

Trade details.jpg

Certified Cargo Packs (Tier 3)[edit | edit source]

When you sell to the Cargo Buyer at the other continent 2 Oversea Cargo Packs you get the option to buy 2 Certified Cargo Packs for 300 labor and 35 gold if you

  • are at least level 30
  • have a Cargo Certificate (300 Vocation Badges at the Vocation Badge Shop)

which in turn need to be brought to a Cargo Exchanger at the same continent. You are on a 30 minute timer with the Certified Cargo Packs and depending how fast your reward amount changes or decreases accordingly. But it is always Charcoal Stabilizer.

Cargo Exchanger[edit | edit source]

  • Nuia: Gweonid Forest, Aubre Cradle, Hellswamp
  • Haranya: Falcorth Plains, Arcum Iris, Perinoor Ruins
  • Auroria: Golden Ruins