Eclipse War

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The Eclipse War is an historical event after roughly 100 years after the collapse of Auroria. In the Eclipse War, the Prince of the Illion family of the Crescent Throne led his armies south across the Feuille Sound and invaded the Sallium kingdom, driving them out to establish his own kingdom of Two Crowns. After losing the war (of which the battle at Grimsvoten was a part), the Sallium refugees fled east over the seas to Haranya and established the Harani empire. Depending on which race you are, you can actually join up with one side or the other of that ghostly battle, helping the soldiers in Grimsvoten to finish their perpetual war and finally find peace.

But that’s not the only famous battle that happened in Cinderstone! After the Eclipse War came the Seachild Rebellion, where the people of Cinderstone Moor (led by Count Seachild) attempted to declare their independence from Two Crowns. This… did not go so hot. The count’s forces were sorely outnumbered, and his rebellion was put down with a vengeance. In desperation, he turned to dark magic and opened a portal for a demon army, selling his soul in exchange for victory over his attackers.