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A player checking the materials for a tier change

A Equipment Tier of a Equipment refers to which Tier the said equipment

The tier of an Equipment can be considered the "evolution" or the "rank" the said equipment.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • Each increasing Tier item has better stats than the one before it;
  • When increasing Tiers, some the stats of the said item may change, be deleted, be substituted or even added;
  • Each changing of tier is a Profession procedure;
    • In some cases you may or may not need to be proficient in that said profession;
    • There is a need for materials in each Tier increase ;
    • There is a need for labor in each Tier increase;
    • There is a need for spending the current item in each Tier increase;
  • Each time there is an increase on Equipment Tier there is a small chance that the grade of the said item will improve too, and with it its Gearscore
  • Each time a tier is increased items that are not equipment is there a almost sure chance that the grade of the said item will improve too

How to know the ter costs of a tier change[edit | edit source]

  1. Go to the folio(O);
  2. Search for the item of choice;
  3. Select the higher tier by clicking the options in the top right of the window;
  4. See the mats.

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