Farm Cart

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Farm Cart

Farm Cart is a summoned, reusable vehicle that can carry 2 additional Trade Packs, allowing for a combined total of 3 if one is carried on the drivers back. Trade packs that are placed in the vehicle cannot be taken by other players unless they're in the owners party, or if the vehicle is destroyed. Farm Carts are often quite expensive to create due to requiring several expensive materials such as a Thunderstruck Log on top of the 50g required to purchase the vehicles blueprint. This vehicle has the same base speed as the Donkey.

Additional players with trade packs can also ride on top of the farm cart allowing up to 5-6 possible trade packs per run.

Craft: Scroll: Farm Cart
Icon item 2263.png
Proficiency Machining
Required Level 0
Workbench Carpentry Workbench
Labor Points 25

Icon item 0002.pngItem grade 1common.png
Farm Cart Design
Cart Wheel
Cart Engine
Cart Shaft