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A Fellowship Plaza on display on Mirage Island

A Fellowship Plaza is designed to serve as a crafting hub for a housing province, offering several services to the public including a general vender, which acts as a general merchant, a mail owl, a well, an auction house, warehouse access, and a fireplace. There is also a Fellowship Workbench, which allows for specialty crafting depending on which zone the plaza is built in, or acts as a regal cooking station if no applicable specialties exist for that region.

Unlike other buildings, the Fellowship Plaza's tax rate does not increase depending on the number of properties a player owns or even the local tax rate of the province the plaza is built in. This is likely because the plaza acts as a sort of public service, since they are always set to public access and provide many useful services, even before the addition of any extra services a plaza's owner might add, such as regal crafting stations.

Building a Fellowship Plaza[edit | edit source]

The Fellowship Plaza Design can be purchased from Mirage Island for 500 Gilda Star. Placing the design requires a 28m x 28m space, a 50 Tax Certificate deposit, and a 25 Tax Certificate tax.

Name Plan Cost Construction Material Dimensions Decor Limit Security Deposit Taxes
25 Fellowship Plaza 500 GildaStar1.png 30x Pstone.png , 10x Pmetal.png , 10x Plogs.png 28m x 28m 150 Items 50 x Taxcert.jpg Tax Certificate 25 x Taxcert.jpg Tax Certificate

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the other services offered by the plaza, the Fellowship Workbench can only be used by characters who pay taxes in the same province as the plaza.