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Racial Information[edit | edit source]

The restless, nomadic Firran roam the wilds, fueled by dreams of reclaiming their former glory. They believe every life – no matter how small – is not only valuable, but plays a critical role in the natural world. All Firran strive to find their purpose and play their part.[1] The Firran are an anthropomorphic feline race, they live in nature and are expert hunters. Each member of the Firran race has a snowlion as a pet, which serves as a mount and is also a constant partner in life.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Fskill1.jpg Catlike Reflexes Reduces fall damage by 20%..
Fskill2.jpg Strong Claws Increases climb speed by 30%.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Firran Race concept art
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Firran are real experts when it comes to hunting in the prairies, with their white lions fast as the wind. The only traces left of Firran are yellowed pages of a manuscript. A lot of the ancient traditions of the Firran has faded away. They are fighting everyday to survive, taking risks and finding themselves in the desert to hire the services of other races. Firran are constantly moving around the continent. They aren’t the nomads they were thousands of years ago. Firran are known for their active participation in wars against other races, with frequent victories. The title «Scourge of God» has been given to Ayfu Lindadzhuna, a legion commander. Firran children are proud and valiant, but their destiny is often sad. Due to the bad climate, Firran who were natively nomads had been forced to quit the steppe. After the slaughter of the royal family, the Timi Empire had been completely destroyed, because of the conflicts and wars that were going on. The Firran, who don’t know where their homes are, are everywhere in the world. They are nowhere in particular. Will they, one day find a place where they can live like all the other races? It seems like the gods are against the Firran and condemned them to difficult lives dotted with problems and tears. There is a tribute who continued to live like they were living before, learning the self-amelioration, one of their ancient traditions, which allow them to improve their competences. [3] [4]

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