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Final Boss - Akmit[edit | edit source]

This is a movement management fight. Puddles of fire will pop up below you and you need to manage where you drop them to not prevent you from making it to the water, or the wall.

There are five simple abilities that the boss will use, they do not seem to have any particular order, and he can opt to start the fight with any but flame wheel.

Fire Judgement -- Drops 3 meteors on every player spawning a permanent pool of fire at their feet. These must be positioned properly to avoid getting in the way of the water, or from taking up too much space in the room. It seems the meteor is guaranteed to hit you, but the pool it spawns below you is not.

Divine Curse -- He spawns a kid that.... doesn't really seem to do anything... Generally best ignored. (Our healer was only 2500 geared, and wasn't able to keep the kid up for the duration of the debuff placed upon him, as such we didn't get to explore what happens if the kid doesn't die.)

Elemental Lord's Terrifying Roar -- Pulls every player onto the boss and applies a fire dot onto them. They must run into the water to cleanse the dot. NOTE : Standing in the water will drain mana, so step in, cleanse the buff, then step out.

Embodiment of Flame -- He applies a large damage reduction buff to himself (something around 90%). And spawns buckets of water around the room. You need to pick up the buckets of water and use them on him. HOWEVER, when cast targeting the boss it will cast at the bosses feet, continued movement CAN cause him to dodge the buckets.

At some point during the middle to end phase of the fight, the boss will cast flame wheel, its a large very visible circle of fire that grows and expands from the boss. You need to move to the walls away from the boss to avoid this. This ability DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN. It ignores both Wings and Invulnerability. And upon tagging a player it applies a very high damage dot to them.