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Group PvP Strategies is the behaviors of a group of players can or happens to have on a PVP between 2 groups of 2 or more people, normally what makes each encounter of these 2 groups the outcome can be decided by many factors, but the major ones are as follows:

But the outcome in Archeage can vary greatly and dependents on many other circumstances too, like if it is in a faction interaction event (like Mistmerrow War and Halcyona War), who constitutes the group, who follow the lead, if there is a spy, how many use voice communication, Etc.

Basic Player Strategies For GroupVsGroup[edit | edit source]

If you are leading[edit | edit source]

  • Walk slowly, If you run, your group will be scattered;
  • If your entire group is whipped, mark a meeting point so you can walk again as a group;
  • Keep an eye on the rear of the group, there is always opportunistic assassins there;

If you are following the lead[edit | edit source]

  • Never walk alone,(Unless a stealth-ed assassin), for healing and buffs purposes, If you lose the songcraft perform buffs, you are way too far off, regroup
  • Never lose sight of your leader, 'cause if you attack an enemy while the leader is walking out you run the risk to doing it alone or scattering the group
  • Focus on CC, before Damage

To everyone[edit | edit source]

  • Everyone should use a Voice Communication Program, such as Teamspeak or Discord, be it to hear the orders or to give them;
  • If the enemy use Combat Potions, you need to use combat potions, or you may be at risk;
  • Never scatter from the main group;
  • Everyone should set their roles in accordance to what the leader asks;
  • Summon your Battlepets they can be an distraction and a slightly improvement on DPS
    • Some people name their Pets as themselves so when the enemy is looking for attack a low health person they may confuse themselves and attack the Pets instead, helping a player or yourself live a bit longer

Group Works[edit | edit source]

Outside of the common Healer, Damage-dealer and Tank Roles that are built-in the game, there are "works" that can be done by other people in a said group to improve its efficiency, most of them can be made by a single person but to improve efficiency, some can be separated, they are:

  • The Leader: This is who has the raid leadership and gets the people to get in or out of the raid/party;
  • The Caller: That's the person that asks in faction, nation or group chat to get more people in their side of the fight;
    • An Caller that calls for the events 1 hour to 30 minutes earlier in events like Mistmerrow War, Abyssal Attack, Luscas Awakening and Halcyona War. This can easily decide which side is going to win, by sheer presence of number of players;
    • More often than not, the leader is the caller.
  • The Writer: He/She write down what the leader says on an Voice Communication Program to facilitate communication when not everyone is in the said Voice Communication Program;
  • The Translator: That's the job of the person that translates the orders from the leader to another language so everyone can understand where they should go and how;