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Overview[edit | edit source]

Guilds can hold up to 100 people, and can be leveled by doing guild quests. Guilds offer benefits to those in them, such as Prestige and a special buff. There can be Guild v. Guild wars by declaring Dominion on guild that does not have a Peace Treaty up.

Creating a Guild[edit | edit source]

Creating a guild requires a party of five players at level five or above. The leader of the party must pay 1 gold. The members of the starting party do not have to agree to forming the guild, but must not already be in a guild. Once the guild is formed, only the guild leader is required to keep it up.

Only people of your own nation can join your guild. However Pirates (being their own nation) can come together to form a guild regardless of their native nation.

Guild Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Missions
    • Guild Missions will consist of contributions of a specified item, To slay a world boss, or taking participation in a large mission. When these missions are completed, they add XP, which is necessary to level up your guild.

Notorious Guilds[edit | edit source]

EU servers:

  • Harmony - Way too damn harmonic
  • Exile: Lords of Melisara
  • Zeal - Too zealous
  • Vita clan - inbreeds. All of them
  • Phoenix Fire - Too small
  • Sensi Star - Misspelling the japanese word "Senshi"
  • PiNk - biggest group of bunches of sticks around. Mostly into: Gang raping opposite faction cities while almost empty, attacking low level players
  • What Footprints - murdering, burning, mass roberies, rape - not necessarily in that order
  • SPQR - probably french guild, known for nothing really. Still considers itself relevant.
  • Exalted - It's all in the name
  • Aureus Knights - their knighthood might be debatable, but damn. Look at all those low level players they've slain
  • CraZy Weasel_ - adding an underscore to their name
  • Tahyangs Feral - not even gonna try to finish that one
  • Old Timers Guild - make way for the new generation, will ye?
  • Mugiwaras - Mugging people. Lots of people
  • Lost Heaven - they still haven't found it. They search every low level player's corpse for it though. Good luck!
  • Wet Dream War Machine - lesson number 1: mechanics and moisture don't mix
  • The Lion Guard - they lost their pet. Anybody seen a rampant lion running around?
  • Anabolic - Melisara's Drama Demons
  • Wpierdol Delivery - you cannot spell this name but you probably saw it on some fresh starts
  • Ouroboros - Bunch of cunts that will take your trade pack for no legit reason.
  • Redemption - Mostly known as fresh start hoppers.