How to raise your leomorph

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Icon quest common.pngHow to Raise Your Leomorph


Start NPC: Yanami
Quest stages:
Raise a leomorph. Feed it when it's hungry and socialize it so it develops well!
`Complete One` means you can complete the quest by performing any one of the listed actions.

  • Collect Browntail Leomorph 0/1
  • Collect Blacktail Leomorph 0/1
  • Collect Whitetail Leomorph 0/1

Tell Yanami at the ranch near Widesleeves that you have successfully raised a leomorph.

End NPC: Yanami

Quest text:
Yanami: Young ones are always hungry. You should make sure and feed it before it gets too weak.
Yanami: This is a trade secret, but a high quality leomorph isn't raised on food alone. You have to socialize with them; play from time to time! Don't forget!
Yanami: Come back when your leomorph has fully grown--then you can truly be partners. A companion for all of your adventures, no matter how fearsome.
Yanami: Alright, let's give this little one some room to grow. It'll be safe here in the field.
Yanami: Amazing job developing that leomorph! It's large enough to carry you, now. On its back, you can travel much faster.
Yanami: Keep in mind that it's still young, though--inexperienced in the ways of battle. Be careful to not let it get injured.
Yanami: Just in case, I'll give you a Pet Dual-Recovery Potion. Keep one handy in case your leomorph ever gets hurt.