Ice Fishing

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Ice Fishing is like Regular Bait worm Fishing, but better.

You get to fish sitting, so you cant get pushed away in the water by bored bystanders!

Also, you get more grand and rare fish, compared to regular Bait Worm Fishing.

You also get Glacier Crayfish, an Arcane fish, that you need two for a Dawn Lake Light Essence, or you can be used for making T3 Dawnsdrop Boots.

To start Ice Fishing, you need;

You can access the Miroir Tundra by either travelling over the sea, or using the Worldgate at Karkasse Ridgelands, which the player visits as part of the story.

The fishing itself is quite straightforward:

  1. Find a Ice Fishing Marker and use an Ice Shovel.
  2. Sit down and Start Ice Fishing using Bait Worms.
  3.  ???
  4. Profit.
Miroir Tundra Map.png
Ice Fishing 1.png
Ice Fishing 2.png
Ice Fishing 3.png