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Overview[edit | edit source]

Heroes following this path will draw power from the abyss to bend dark magic for their own benefit.
Their patroness would be Orchidna, the Demon Queen.
This tree features skills and mechanics that formerly belonged to other skill trees. Malediction utilizes Malice Charges to power up skills.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

Name Malediction Reqs Damage Description Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Effects Combos
Mana Stars.png Mana Stars Level 1 0 + 60% Magic Attack Launches your Mana as 4 razor-sharp bolts, dealing Magic Damage to the target.

This skill has a reduced Global Cooldown.

Hold for continuous use.

24 Mana Instant None Single 0-20m Stacks 1 Malice Charge while Fury is active. Increases Magic Defense penetration on Petrified targets.
Serpent Glare Level 3 N.a. Applies Serpent Glare on the caster for 10sec.

Serpent Glare temporarily transforms the caster's Mana Bolts into Crashing Waves, which deal increased Magic Damage to all enemies in a row.

85 Mana 0.5 sec 1 min Caster Only
Serpent Bite Level 25 94 + 190% Magic Attack Sends a serpent underground towards your target, erupting when it arrives.

If you interrupt the casting whilst the serpent is still travelling, it gets cancelled.

25 Mana Instant 26 sec Single 0-20m At 5 Malice Charges:

-Increase Damage by 200%

-Deal Damage 7m around target.

At 10 Malice Charges:

-Additionally to the above, the target gets petrified for 2 sec.

Malicious Binding Level 15 ck
Fury Level 20 ck
Soulbound Edge Level 25 ck
Ghastly Pack Level 30 ck
Grasping Void Level 35 ck
Void Surge Level 40 ck
Ring Throw Level 45 ck
Shadow Cloak Level 50 ck
Bladefall Level 55 ck

Passive[edit | edit source]

Name Malediction Reqs Description
Spiteful Curses.jpg Spiteful Curses 2+ Skillpoints Stacks 1 Malice Charge when Critical Damage is received.
Empowered Malice 3+ Skillpoints Increases Magic Damage of Malediction Skills by 7%.
Gleeful Destruction 4+ Skillpoints Triggers Gleeful Destruction when a Malediction Skill lands a Critical Hit.

Gleeful Destruction:

-Decreases the enemy's Accuracy by 1% per stack.

-Stacks up to 10 Times.

-Stacks last 5 seconds.

Wrathful Casting 5+ Skillpoints Increases Attack Speed by 20 for every Malice Charge consumed.

Stacks up to 10 times.

Cutting Malice 6+ Skillpoints Decreases the cooldown of Serpent Glare by 10 seconds, when Malice Charges are consumed to enhance Malediction Skills.
Murderous Intent 7+ Skillpoints Increases Magic Critical Damagy by 16%.