Merchant Schooner

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The merchant vessel is a ship which is near harmless but very useful. Being the only High capacity ship in the game, it is a popular but expensive vessel to make.

Construction requires 15 Gold, 400 Gilda Star, 2x 

Icon item 0380.pngItem grade 1common.png

Lumber Pack, 3x 

Icon item 0382.pngItem grade 1common.png

Iron Pack and 3x 

Icon unknown item.png

Fabric Pack. Also, you will now need Merchant Schooner Materials to place the dry dock.

The normal speed is roughly 10 meters a second.

This type of ship is common prey for any pirate who can either detect it or see it. Being a largely useless combat vessel, it is wise to travel in convoys to protect the precious cargo that may be on board. As to explain the cargo capacity, it can store up to 20 trade packs at any given time, but if/when the ship is sunk, pirates can loot the packs from the sunken ship to claim as their own.

This vessel is not recommended for any player that is not part of a large guild or often operates solo, as material costs are quite high and profits are... at best, not that great. Rarely exceeding the costs of obtaining the materials in the first place. Again, pirates and hostile sea creatures cause this to be a vessel that is very, very weak. Poor health does nothing to help this vessel whatsoever. It is advised to be either a very high level player or have higher level players you can trust to help escort your ship to its intended destination.