Novice's Flexible Fishing Rod

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Novice's Flexible Fishing Rod Desc.png

An upgraded Basic Fishing Rod. You need 10 000 fishing proficiency to craft and use it.

This is the Flexible Fishing Rod Rank 1. faster to catch fish than the Sturdy Version, but deals less damage to the sport fish.

To craft this, you need;

1 Basic Fishing Rod,

1 Crafted Fishing Hook ( 1 iron ingot / 1 copper ingot)

1 Basic Fishing Line (3 Cottons / 3 Wools)

1 Sturdy Steel Reel (2 Lumbers / 2 iron ingots)

2 opaque polish (6 Onyx Archeum Essence / 40 Azalea / 40 Narcissus)

Novice's Flexible Fishing Rod Craft.png
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