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Overview[edit | edit source]

In ArcheAge, perhaps the fastest way to travel is through teleportation. There are various means of nearly instantaneous teleportation the player has at their disposal. It must be kept in mind, though, that while they may be faster than other methods, they are also often costly.

Teleport Book[edit | edit source]

As you visit new areas/towns, you will unlock their locations in your Teleport Book, allowing for easier travel in the future through use of portals. However, opening a portal is no easy feat, necessitating the use of Hereafter Stones to accomplish the task. Opening a portal to a place within the same continent as your current location is relatively simple and will only consume 1 Hereafter Stone. If you wish to teleport to other continents, a greater price of 3 Hereafter Stones must be paid due to the longer distance covered. Once the portal leading to your destination of choice is open, you just have to jump through!

A portal stays open for 30 seconds by default, but players that have reached level 20 in Occultism will have their portals stay open for an additional 30 seconds.

In addition to being able to record the locations of towns, the Teleport Book can also store the location of a player owned home. Every home is equipped with a fireplace that can be lit using 2 Logs, and then subsequently allows a player to record the location of the home using 1 Memory Ink.

Other players may also pass through portals as well.

Recall[edit | edit source]


Almost every town has a recall point.
Players may select one of these points as a recall destination allowing them to quickly teleport there via the Recall ability.
Recall has a 30 minute cooldown, however the Harani have a racial passive reducing this cooldown to 21 minutes and Guild Buffs can reduce this cooldown.

Mirage Isle Portals and World Gates[edit | edit source]

During your travels, you may encounter static portals. These portals have fixed locations/destinations and are always open. The blue portals commonly found next to an auctioneer lead to Mirage Isle and are free to use. In higher level regions of the game, red portals called World Gates lead to zones on other continents and are free to use.