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Overview[edit | edit source]

Seed bundles are made using 1-3 Shatigon's Blessing(s) and 10 seeds. Only specific seeds can be made into Seed Bundles When harvested Seed Bundles will produce 8-10 Bait Worms along with the crops.

NOTE: You need at least 15,000 Farming proficiency and a Farmer's Workstation to make Seed Bundles

Pros/Cons[edit | edit source]

It is important to note that while Seed Bundles save on space they have a drastically reduced max output of harvestable crops compared to planting individually(about half max harvest). The time till harvest also varies wildly from their individual seeds.

Overall planting Seed Bundles will save space and labor planting, while taking more time to grow, producing less crops, and producing Bait Worms. If you plan on fishing or selling Bait Worms on the Auction House it can become profitable if you plan to not use the same farm space for a while. However if you want the max crops in the shortest amount of time planting individual seeds would be the best option.

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