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Small Bamboo Coop

A cage crafted out of bamboo that holds 5 hens. Produces a large quantity of eggs that can be collected in a single action. There is also a chance you will also obtain Organic Uncooked Chicken. Not affected by climate.

Vocation: Husbandry
Matures in 6 h
Harvest every 2 h
Workbench: Farmer's Workstation

Requires Bamboo Stalks for continuous maintenance. Has a chance of cracking, which can be repaired with bamboo stalks. Diseased animals can be treated with livestock supplement. Shattered cages can't be used.

If placed outside protected land, it will eventually become public property.


Costs 10 Labor to place outside of protected land (public or private).

Buy Price: Silver

Shop Value: Silver

Max. Stack Size: 100

Craft: Small Bamboo Coop
Icon unknown item.png
Proficiency Husbandry
Required Level 10,000
Workbench Farmer's Workstation
Labor Points 4

Icon unknown item.png
Shatigon's Blessing
Icon item 0315.pngItem grade 1common.png
Bamboo Stalk