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Stormcloud Staff

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Icon item staff 2h 0022.pngItem grade 3rare.png
Stormcloud Staff

Binds on Pickup

Required Level: 50

Can be used for 45 days.


Gathers clouds for 15 seconds in a target area, generating increasingly more powerful lightning bolts.
Deals (229–242 + 200% Magic Attack) Magic Damage to all enemies hit. This damage increases the larger the clouds are.
Cooldown: 2 min
Combo w/ Impaled: +100% additional damage

Slot: 2-H Gear
DPS: 211.2 (437 - 534)

Intelligence: 62

Honor Points: 4500 Honor Points
Max. Stack Size: 1
Expiry Duration: 45d3h20m

Cannot Sell