Teleport Book

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Teleport Book

Binds on Pickup

Automatically records new locations the first time you visit them. You can then use a Hereafter Stone to return to any location on the list.

Requires 1 or 3 Hereafter Stones. A Teleport Scroll utilizes the power stored in a Hereafter Stone to open a Worldgate. Jump through the gate to travel to a recorded location.

One Hereafter Stone contains enough power to send you anywhere on your current continent. Three stones can send you to a different continent.


Jump into the Worldgate to teleport. Worldgates remain open for 30 seconds (or 60 seconds for characters Lv20+ in Occultism).

Buy Price: 30 Silver

Cannot Sell

Aquisition[edit | edit source]

Merchant[edit | edit source]

Teleport Books can be purchased from a General Merchant for 30 silver

Teleport Books displayed by a General Merchant