Tempering Burnish

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Tempering Burnish


Spend 100 Labor to temper equipment.
Tempering rerolls an item's basic stats; it can raise them up to 109%.
Weapon Stats Affected: Physical Attack, Magic Attack, and Healing Power
Armor Stats Affected: Physical and Magic Defenses

Credits: 150 Credit

Shop Value: 10 Silver

Information[edit | edit source]

Tempering Burnish is an item used on gear to boost their base stats by 1-9%. The % boost rewarded is completely random and cannot be increased with any item.

It can be used at any level on any gear that says "Tempering Available". It costs 100 labor to use which does not reward XP.

To re-temper an item that is currently tempered, you have to use either Tempering Flux: Armor or Tempering Flux: Weapons. It can become costly to keep tempering until you get a high % roll and is recommended only to be use on high level gear.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The Tempering Burnish can be bought in the Marketplace for 150 Credit.