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Craft: Missing name
Icon unknown item.png
Proficiency Unknown proficiency
Required Level Unknown level
Workbench Unknown workbench
Labor Points Unknown labor points

A crafting infobox requires the following mandatory parameters:

Name Expected value
name The name of the resulting product
proficiency The proficiency this crafting belongs to
proficiency level The proficiency level required for this craft
workbench The workbench which is required to craft this. Note that the name must match the page name as this is not being checked by the template.
labor The amount of labor points required to perform the craft

The follow parameters are optional:

Name Expected value
icon result The icon file name of the resulting product. The name must be prefixed with 'File:'
result amount The amount of the resulting item you get. By default this is 1.

The required materials are defined in the following format. The following parameters can be repeated up to and including 9 times. Replace the n part in the parameter names to 1..9 (both inclusive) to identify which amount belongs to which material.

Name Expected value
material namen The name of the material, this will be used to link to material and show the icon.
material amountn Optional The required amount of this material. By default this value is 1.