The War for Halcyona

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Halcyona, Nuia goes to War twice a day. When this happens, a faction PvP event occurs in the zone, which is often referred to as The War for Halcyona, or The War for the Golden Plains.

Starting at level 30 you can obtain a quest from a Golden Plains Battle Recruiter NPC, which spawn in each faction's Capital City when Halcyona goes to war, which you can turn in to your perspective factions base shortly after the war starts for 2 Warrior's Medal. This quest can be obtained and completed once every war, allowing for completion multiple times a day.

After that initial quest is turned in, you can obtain a second quest to kill 10 enemies in Halcyona while the zone is at war. Completing this quest rewards 2 Warrior's Medals and some Honor Points.

10 minutes into the war, artifacts spawn at each factions base and whomever kills the opposite factions artifact first, wins the battle and can loot 5-10 Warrior's Medals from said destroyed artifact. You do not have to participate or be present when the artifact is destroyed in order to loot it for the Warrior's Medals; however the artifact will vanish 5 minutes after its killed.