Thunderstruck Log

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Thunderstruck Log

Obtained by logging a Thunderstruck Tree.

Buy Price: 40 Copper

Shop Value: 20 Copper

Max. Stack Size: 100

Thunderstruck Log is a very rare item used primarily for crafting vehicles such as the Farm Cart or the Fishing Boat. To obtain this, while any tree is in the process of growing, it has a very low chance (<.1%) of being struck by lightning which will yield a Thunderstruck Tree.

Trees can only be struck by lightning while they're growing. Fully grown trees cannot be struck. Growing trees struck by lightning will instantly become fully matured and harvest-able to obtain aThunderstruck Tree; which can be used to create 4 Thunderstruck Log's.

The probability of a tree being struck by lightning is the same regardless of the location it's planted at. Every tree in the game is able to be struck by lightning. It's unconfirmed if taller trees such as the Sequoia have a higher probability of getting struck by lightning or not; however the longer time it takes for a tree to grow, the higher probability of it being struck by lightning.