Ultimate Fishing Rod

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Ultimate Fishing Rod Desc.png

The Ultimate Fishing Rod. You need 150 000 fishing proficiency to craft and use it. (It is Bind On Pickup)

This is the Upgraded Sturdy and Flexible Fishing Rod. Bost fast to catch fish and deals High Damage to Sport Fish!

To craft this, you need;

1 Master's Sturdy Fishing Rod

1 Master's Flexible Fishing Rod

1 Crafted Fishing Hook ( 1 iron ingot / 1 copper ingot)

1 Rainbow Polish (1 Non-Stick Polish / 3 Dragon Essence Stabilizer / 50 Turmeric / 50 Cactus / 10 Sparkling Shell Dust / 10 Beechnut) (40 000 Alchemy Proficiency)

1 Ultimate Fishing Rod Design (Rewarded from doing the all the Fishing related achievements)

Ultimate Fishing Rod Craft.png